Forensic Accounting & Investigation

CRA’s forensic accounting and investigation experts provide independent technical accounting and forensic expertise in complex litigation, internal investigation, and white collar defense matters.

We are noted for deploying cross-trained teams of experienced forensic accounting experts to help clients gain deeper insights and greater value more quickly. Our teams integrate expertise in accounting, technology, and business intelligence; and they possess the skills required to ensure our work will withstand aggressive adversarial and/or regulatory scrutiny. 

Our forensic accounting and investigation professionals include CPAs; former Big Four auditors; former law enforcement officers; CFEs; CAMs; CFFs; investigators; PhD economists; data analytics experts; information security experts; digital forensics experts; and experts in the healthcare, energy, and financial services industries.


Fraud investigation

CRA conducts independent investigations of alleged corporate fraud; bribery (i.e., FCPA and UK Bribery Act violations); manipulation of financial information; and profit diversion by directors, employees, or joint-venture parties.

Financial forensics

Companies and their counsel routinely call on our forensic accounting experts to:

  • Assist with and perform financial restatements,
  • Assess accounting and financial reporting impacts in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, and
  • Perform forensic accounting and financial analysis on business and financial records.

Computer forensics and investigation

Our cyber investigation consultants provide independent computer forensic and other digital investigative support to companies and their counsel.

Blockchains and cryptocurrencies

CRA helps clients and their counsel respond to allegations of fraud and misconduct that may have been facilitated using nontraditional methods of payment, such as cryptocurrencies, and for which relevant forensic evidence may reside in public or private blockchains. Our cross-trained teams of forensic professionals deploy innovative tools and techniques to download, preserve, analyze, and triangulate data contained in blockchains.

To download our blockchain and cryptocurrency brochure, click here.

Transaction compliance and risk assessment

When clients want to manage exposure to risk and potential compliance issues, they retain our forensic accounting consultants to review and trace financial transactions. Our experts conduct various forensic accounting services to verify trades, trace historical transactions, locate assets, and re-create the books and records.

Financial restatement

When questions regarding improper accounting or financial reporting arise, CRA’s experts provide independent analyses and insights in a clear and compelling manner. We work closely with boards of directors, audit committees, external regulators, management, legal counsel, and other parties to:

  • Assist with issues due to financial statement misstatements and inadequate disclosure, and
  • Report findings and explain restatement entries.

Services to court-appointed receivers and trustees

Court-appointed receivers, trustees, and other independent monitors retain CRA for financial advice and forensic accounting expertise.

Healthcare fraud and compliance

Healthcare and life sciences companies and their counsel turn to us for investigations related to qui tam and false claims matters, Stark/anti-kickback, and voluntary self-disclosures. We can also serve as an Independent Review Organization (IRO).

Business intelligence

Our professionals draw on decades of experience to provide strategic, actionable business intelligence:

  • Investigative due diligence on acquisition targets and critical transactions;
  • Reputational due diligence on third parties to support corporate policy and regulatory requirements;
  • Asset tracing in support of investigations and litigation; and
  • Vetting third parties, including opposing parties and experts in litigation.

White collar defense

CRA has the criminal trial testimony experience and forensic accounting and investigation knowledge necessary to help outside counsel identify the critical issues in white collar criminal defense matters.

Post-acquisition disputes

Whether it's the purchase or the sale of a business or a financing, problems and disputes concerning the accounting for these events requires specific experience. CRA’s senior experts have substantial experience with post-acquisition dispute analysis associated with post-closing adjustments of working capital, earn-out disputes, indemnity or fraud claims, and material adverse change claims.

Expert testimony and litigation support

CRA can be an invaluable member of an organization’s investigative and defense team when concerns arise—or allegations are made—involving issues such as improper payments, unexpected financial results, financial misstatements, missing assets, and fraud. Our expert teams can be deployed across the globe, and they are experienced at keeping business disruption to a minimum. Our experts are equipped to:

  • Identify the cause of a financial problem or risk;
  • Formulate strategies that rectify the issue;
  • Quantify the true extent of any losses suffered;
  • Liaise with regulators and prosecutors;
  • Provide advice in pre-dispute, mediation, or settlement negotiations; and
  • Prepare and submit expert reports.

CRA Forensic Services is ISO27001:2013 certified, the best-known international standard for information security. CRA International, Inc. holds private detective licenses in Illinois (License No. 117.001795 115.002511), Indiana (Private Investigator Firm License No. PI21600025), Massachusetts (License Number LP1045A), and Michigan (Professional Investigator Agency License No. 3701207037).