"Class Certification"

Class Certification

CRA has the economic, statistical, and survey research expertise and experience to help law firms, professional associations, and clients analyze and respond to class certification issues.

Economic and industry expertise
Clients rely on CRA to deliver credible, defensible analyses based on sound theory and state-of-the-art methods, case facts and deep knowledge of industries, and firm-level data and business practices. CRA’s rigorous empirical and analytical methods have been tested and proven in numerous adversarial proceedings, and we support our analyses and conclusions with explanations that are thorough, while remaining concise and easy for judges to understand.

Superior analytics
Class certification disputes often require intensive data analysis and econometric/statistical modeling, and our experts and staff excel in this environment. CRA regularly builds and analyzes large and complex datasets such as those comprised of transaction-level invoice data used in direct and indirect purchaser antitrust class certification cases; consumer products sales through complex distribution chains and warranty claims used in products liability and false advertising matters; the high-frequency trading data found in financial markets assignments; Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial payor claims data in health care and life sciences engagements; employee compensation, hiring, promotion, and termination data that are analyzed in labor disputes; and records of credit worthiness across pricing tier, economic and demographic data, and ethnicity that are statistically evaluated in mortgage litigation.